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Century Tsingshan New Year Sports Game

At 13:30 sharp on December 31, 2016, the New Year Fun Sports Game of Guangdong Century Tsingshan Nickel Industry Co., Ltd. formally opened at the basketball court of Century Tsingshan.

Wonderful review one –Impassioned athletes entrance ceremony

Accompanied by the entrance music of athletes, and under the guidance of the host, Ferronickel Team One, Ferronickel Team Two, Ferronickel Team Three, Ferronickel Team Four, Lion Team, Bull Team, Logistics Supervision Team and the League Team, wearing the waistcoats respectively representing their team and leading by the head of each team, enter the ground orderly and with high spirit.

Wonderful review two –Youthful dancing and singing performance

This is an aerobics dance performed by six girls. It represents a youthful and positive spirit and reflects that our Century Tsingshan is at a vigorous development period full of the vitality. We shall be with the determination and courage to break out of difficulties even indifficult situation. And the song I believe is more about the voice in our heart. I believe and we believe – we will be better and Century Tsingshan will be better!

Wonderful review three –Heroes from each team are making efforts to obtain the awards with their special skills

There are five team games, which are respectively push-and-pull, carrying-melons-like-kangaroos, wheels-rolling, steel-balls-passing and collaboration. Besides push-and-pull game, all other games calculate the time spent for completing the task and the team using the minimum time will win. As for the push-and-pull game, apart from the championship, all other competitions will use only one game to decide the winner. Someone says that the push-and-pull game is a competition of power and other says that it is a competition of skill, but in my opinion, our push-and-pull game is a competition of style. The Bull Team won the championship with their strength, but the Ferronickel Team One shall feel proud though only ranked second, for the warriors of the Ferronickel Team One were doing emergency maintenance at the first production line even on the day before the game.

Wonderful review four – We are the best

After fierce competition, we finally got the results of various games. In the push-and-pull game, the Bull Team ranked first, the Ferronickel Team One ranked second and the Ferronickel Team Three ranked third. In the wheels-rolling game, the Lion Team won the championship, followed by Logistics Supervision Team and Ferronickel Team Three in sequence. The Bull Team ranked first in the carrying-melons-like-kangaroos game, followed by Ferronickel Team Two and Ferronickel Team one in sequence. The Bull Team won the championship in the steel-balls-passing game, followed by Ferronickel Team One and Ferronickel Team Three in sequence. And in the collaboration game, the Bull Team ranked first, followed by Ferronickel Team Two and Logistics Supervision Team in sequence. Each team showed their style and good sportsmanship.

Wonderful review five  - Talents in the Company showing their various skills

Apart from the five team games, there are also five individual games, respectively set-shot, puzzle-retreat, number-sand, blind-drum and dart, which were held after the team games. Employees who seem obscure are actually talents. Take dart game for an example, there were people who could throw three darts onto the target disk and obtained five to six lottery tickets from time to time to exchange for a burning pot (The awards for individual games are respectively shampoo, milk and burning pot). And the basketball court was also clouded with heroes fighting for the awards.

The successful holding of this Sports Game not only enriches the spare time life of employees, but also more importantly, represents a kind of teamwork spirit and a healthy and positive life value. The positive spirit will have positive effect on individuals and more importantly, its never-giving positive sportsmanship rightly represents the tenacious, hard-working and innovative corporate culture of the big collective of Century Tsingshan.

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